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Do the right thing, in a simpler way, at a lower cost.

Anglemap is a strategy and design thinking consultancy helping organizations understand and solve human problems. The products, services, and processes you build are ultimately all about people. We join forces with you to help you understand the people you create for, to keep in mind what matters most, and to do the right thing.

Our Focus and Impact

How can we make sure our product is really solving the right problem?

What's the end-to-end experience of our users, and how can we best deliver it?

How do we simplify and adopt more human-centered ways of working?

Design Thinking

We build an understanding of your users' needs, motivations, and challenges to find and solve the right problems.

Capability Building

We build skills for your team on the job, teaching practical tools in real situations.

Service Design

We create or improve services by designing end-to-end experiences and the processes to deliver them.


We bring stakeholders together, facilitate collaboration, and build wider ownership.

Change Management

We map and facilitate the complex human aspects of organizational change.


We bring creativity, but create real-world solutions that work in your context.

How can our team learn to excel at designing products and services?

How can we better work with stakeholders and spread out ownership of our product?

How do we stay focused, frugal, and realistic even as we're creating new things?

"We deeply appreciated Anglemap's tireless work on all fronts, their focus on fundamental needs rather than symptoms, and their drive for systemic change rather than incremental improvements."

Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead, Maersk

Our Partners

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